Slide My wife and I saw a true need for high quality emergency response training. We thought to ourselves, "who better than us to start a company of our own." We dedicated our lives to finding the best instructors, highest quality equipment, and creating the best learning environment. It was with this passion that we were able to create CPR123 where we exemplify training that counts. Gigi Founder Founder Sam OUR STORY

Annie Chen Vice President

As a new accounting graduate, I was looking for a career where I found an opening for an Operations Manager position. It was then that I interviewed with Sam, and I knew that I found my forever home. I saw a small CPR company slowly grow and train over 500 thousand students. The fire and dedication that I experienced at CPR123 in San Antonio inspired and encouraged me to establish roots. We will continue to grow and make emergency response training widely available to ensure all persons have access to affordable high quality training.

Renee Charlot Marketing Director

With a background in customer service, combined with an interest in the medical field, I found CPR123 in San Antonio to be the perfect combination of my two passions. It brings me true happiness to work with different medical organizations, hospitals, and institutions, to bring high quality emergency response training on a daily basis. With our excellent training staff and instructors, it genuinely makes my job effortless. Working with this organization has brought me true happiness and purpose. I will continue to strive to spread our training message throughout the continental US.

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Our Instructors


George Templeton Instructor

1. My favorite memory I have from teaching is…
My favorite memory I have from teaching is when a woman came into the office to thank me personally for teaching her how to perform high quality CPR. She was able to save her father’s life by remembering the steps and how to stay calm in a scary situation.

2. Why I choose to teach at cpr123sanantonio…
I choose to work at CPR123 because it has great ownership oversight. The equipment is high quality and has a clean environment. CPR123 co-workers have become my second family.

3. What do you hope your students receive from taking a course with you?
I want all the students whom I have taught to have a clear understanding of how to potentially save a life.